Most "Cars" and/or "2 wheel drive trucks" will commonly require the use of Diagram T2 and Diagram T3

Most Ford's require Diagram T2 but some may use Diagram T10

For 4X4's refer to Diagram T2, Diagram T7, and/or Diagram T10- Driveline Length

For Bronco ll, please refer to Diagram T8- Driveline Length

Pick the Diagram below that fits your application. After you have located the diagram please use the print option to print a copy. Complete ALL of the answers and be sure to measure exactly as illustrated in the diagram(s).

Remember to always measure drive shafts with the rear tires on the ground or with the rear end on 2 safety-jack stands. It is important to have the suspension in this position to measure properly. DO NOT MEASURE with the suspension hanging!!! This can impact the overall driveline length.

If measuring 4X4 trucks you must have both the front and rear tires on the ground or the axles supported on safety stands.

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How To Measure Drive Shafts

How to Measure Correctly

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